Thursday, 4 April 2013

Eleanor Calder Inspired Makeup


After coming back from a trip to the states (and picking up a LOT of makeup) I have been looking at new ways to use my Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet.

Someone who I have always admired for there natural beauty look is non other than Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

- Madi x

Eleanor Calder Inspired Makeup

Stila shimmer eyeshadow


NARS Cosmetics bronzing powder
$39 -


NARS Cosmetics lip gloss

Benefit gift sets kit
$31 -

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A "pinky" trip to lush

With Lush bringing out new makeup collections I went in for a look, the shop assistant very kindly walked my through their new emotional brilliance colour chart which you can find and try out here and turns out I was feeling glamours ;) 

The same shop assistant talked me into purchasing these two things. 1 The Bubblegum Lipscrub in "my boy lollipop" paired with the lip colour in "glamorous" and so far so good! the colour is nice and pigmented and the scrub taste's so good! the only downside is that the lip colour is very transferable, but when used in the right situation it works as a very nice bright colour 

Nude By Nature Review

"We are faced with options everyday, from what to wear, what to eat and what to put on our face. It’s hard when we are splashed with images of flawless faces and beautiful complexions from the TV, magazines and billboards to know what to do to create this seemingly unattainable image. It’s difficult, trying to search through the thousands of products on offer to find something that will not only give us those magical results that we seek, but also something that is good for our skin." - NUDE BY NATURE - WHY NUDE

For christmas and my birthday I got spoilt with a massive collection of Nude By Nature Set. This included brushes, foundations and lipgloss. I have mixed opinions on the lipgloss' but as for the brushes and the foundations I am completely sold!

Hand on heart I am never going to buy another brand of mineral foundation... ever. This literally is so amazing. My mum and my sister are both amazed by it as well. The first time I saw this product was actually on an infomercial and always presumed that it would be rubbish until my other friend {@Saraaah_t/ } had it and I tested it out. My face has never looked better with a natural/easy on your skin product. I am also constantly getting comments like "wow you have such good skin!" and are completely shocked when I tell them I'm wearing foundation!

The brushes are some of the softest things I have ever used and they pick up a really good amount of product. However after cleaning the smaller concealer brush it never quite got back to it's original state. Still works fine though.

As for the lip glosses I am finding them a bit harder to use because the taste is so overpowering. I defiantly recommend going in and testing the product before use!